November 05, 2002
Server Upgrade Woes

Just as a note for ya'll, the server was updated this morning, and it looks like some stuff has busted pretty good. Perl 5.8 is causing problems here and there, and php4 is in-operable (apache won't start with it loaded in). There might be some db problems with people using MT as well.

Anyway, I'm working on these, cursing all the way, and hopefully it'll all be fixed up RSN.

Things that are busted:

  • php not loading (fixed by commenting out the imap module)
  • php imap auth for webmail (known bug 163003... hope it's fixed soon!)
  • perl 5.8 probs (at least I think so, the one error turned out to be code error, not a perl 5.8 related error)
  • MT db (database upgrade problem, but the solution posted here seems to work. Just back up your db directory, then go in and type db3_upgrade *.db *.idx, and all will be well!) Mucho kudos to foz (and the guy he got it from)) for pointing this out to me!
  • imap non-ssl/tls authentication (fixed, though I don't like this... I may/should just force everyone to use SSL/TLS)

Posted by Arcterex at November 05, 2002 11:10 AM