December 24, 2002
Back Up and Alive!

Yes folks, we're back up and no worse for wear, aside from some bounced email. There will be a reboot or two in the future to make sure that things are all hashed out, but aside from that we're good. Read more for the details....

See my blog for wha t was happening before. I came to the server farm with no idea what was going on. Booted up the box with some new memory (thanks Fred!, up to 1.5G now :)and had problems. One memory stick blew out, then the SCSI cable for /home was damaged and I had to run around looking for another (Fred came through once again), and then it was a disk error in the raid. The problem was it was the spare, so as soon as /dev/md1 started to reconstruct to recover from a currupt partition, it kernel paniced and died. I'll be rebooting to make sure things are cool, but we should be fine (touch wood) now :)

Posted by Arcterex at December 24, 2002 04:17 PM