December 30, 2002
Extreme Cooling

Wow, some people will take their cooling to extremes! I guess a site called Extreme MHZ should have been my first clue huh? Anyway, this guy has a custom water cooling system with what looks like about 50 pipes, blocks and sockets. Wow.
All block are home made. And they are doing the job well. I have an axp 1600 oc. to 1950Mhz @2.1V for 24/7 folding and my top stable benching speed is 2020Mhz @2.3V I also made custom water block that cool complet front o the Leadtek Gf4 4200 64mb oem card, so I can run that card now at 350/650 for 24/7 and 360/700 for benching.

Posted by Arcterex at December 30, 2002 05:28 PM