June 16, 2003
Ximian Desktop 2 Review

A very good ximian desktop 2 review over at osnews.com. Nicely done, with screenshots and some good critiquing of the install process and some of the niggly bits that are as of yet unfixed. I also installed this not that long ago and am continuing to use it on my pII-700 work machine (no XD2 for gentoo on my home box yet). I threw up a quick review a bit ago for all ya'll.

To be honest though, some things in Linux/GNOME are beginning to piss me off. There were a flurry of posts over the last couple of days on the gnome-desktop-devel list about the gnome clipboard, and how to fix it (you can't copy from an app, close the app, and paste... the app has to stay open). All I could think was "this is what is still trying to be fixed???!!!" Gnome is in a 2.2, almost 2.4 release, and the GTK toolkit has been around now for years, and the clipboard still doesn't work "properly" for text (we're not even talking about graphics here yet)! WTF?

That doesn't stop me from using it every day in a desktop environment though, because I still feel it's better than the alternatives.

Posted by Arcterex at June 16, 2003 01:25 PM