October 16, 2003
Michael Moore On Michael Moore

Michael Moore has a page in response to critics of Bowling for Columbine and Stupid White Men. Basically it looks like he's sick of bad, incorrect or completely wacked out information about himself and his movies, and wants to set the record straight.

Of course, if you have already decided that Moore is a wacko, an unpatriotic american, someone who should be stripped of his awards, or perhaps sent to some foreign land (Greenland maybe?), don't bother reading, your mind is already made up and nothing anyone says, be it from the horses mouth or just another persons opinion, is going to change your mind. For others, it's an interesting read.

More information and links to the pages on both sides of the issue can be found in this kuro5hin story.

Posted by Arcterex at October 16, 2003 09:33 AM