June 14, 2005
How to Assure No Second Date

A nice write up in a blog on how to avoid a second date. Freakin' hilarious!
6. Wow. Leave your balls alone. Seriously, holy cow. Those are your balls. You guys are sitting, maybe, three feet apart. Jesus, man. There is not a dating guidebook in the world that would even conceive of writing a chapter called "Don't Play With Your Balls (on the First Date)" because any mammal with the gift of literacy would not even consider this a "Do I or Don't I?" kind of question. Wow. There you go again.
Good funny to wake up to on a tuesday after being awake till 2am!

On a related note (as in, also a funny blog entry) a review of the fashion highs and lows of religious extremists is a good read. Critisism of the fashion sense of the god hates [fags|shri-lanka|pope|america|everyone-but-us] people.

Posted by Arcterex at June 14, 2005 08:56 AM