April 30, 2007
MS Silverlight CTP Released

So I saw today that Microsoft Silverlight CTP (public demo) was released. I downloaded and installed it, then watched the video using the new technology. Other than the video not having the standard controls, I'm not exactly sure exactly what this is. The video was typical marketting, showing flashy graphics (lots of images of skateboards) and throwing slogans around ("Light up the web"), but there is absolutely zero content! I suppose this is typical for big companies though, MS in particular. About the only thing you can gleam from the video is a short bit in which you see people with a buddy list or something like that.

Digging into the site a bit it seems this is a new plugin (yay) under 2mb (so what), for rich interactive applications on the web (isn't that already there with flash/quicktime/wmp?), vector graphics and overlays (isn't flash vector based?), enhancing existing standards/AJAX based applications (extending and embracing?).

All in all I'll wait till something either comes out or there's something more exciting out there.

Original post was via the vista experience blog btw.

Posted by Arcterex at April 30, 2007 09:04 AM