November 13, 2007
BF2142 1.40 Patch Released

Finally! Battlefield 2142 Patch 1.40 Released. Under 400mb (gah... could be worse though) and includes what appear to be a lot of good fixes as well as a new map. Some details below, but hit the full story for download info and full fix/change/additions.


- Added a new map - Highway Tampa.
- Added an autosave to kit customisations. After you customise a kit and spawn in with that kit, the customisation will be automatically saved until you change it and spawn in again. Note that you must spawn in with a particular kit for it to be saved.
- Titans will now spawn up to two gunships per side
- Squad Leaders no longer have to resupply to re-equip destroyed drones

More in the link....

Dangit! I wanted to get to sleep early tonight! :)

Posted by Arcterex at November 13, 2007 11:18 PM