November 20, 2008
iPhone 2.2 Firmware Released

Wow, not only has Apple released iPhone 2.2 firmware, but it's available to me right away! Anyone tried it yet? Any fail? Awh, who am I kidding, I'm downloading it and installing it right now!

According to the release notes no cut and paste, but the expected bug fixes, performance fixes, over the air podcast updating, street view (and some other) map improvements, as well as toggling for spelling. So pretty much what people were expecting.

I'll let you know if it explodes my phone :)

Update: No issues, heck, even a fast download speed. Since I just updated all my podcasts I'll have to wait to use it in practice, but in theory the 'get more episodes' just pops you into the itunes store and allows you to download episodes from the listing there (I never use the itunes store on the iphone so no idea if that was there before). It also does the right thing when it syncs to iTunes as well, loading any new podcasts you weren't subscribed to in. Looks very slick.

The street view is sexy, and probably the new "must show" app for iphone/touch owners. You need an address in a city with street view of course, and if you have it click on the orange icon on the left of the label (try searching for "1 microsoft way seattle" as an example). The transition to street view is done with the usual care and attention so the user knows what's going on (ie: is swoops in). Pinch and drag are all there and work as expected, the only niggle I have (and not sure what could be done about it) is that I almost want to pinch or double tap to move down the street, but I need to tap on the street "arrows" just like in the actual google maps street view. I'm not sure how you'd distinguish between a "move forward" doubletap or pinch and a "zoom in" double tap or pinch. Still, a very minor thing.

Safari does indeed now have the google search as a primary element in the nav bar. Not sure if this is a needed thing or not, but I guess it saves a tap...

Haven't looked at the rest of the stuff, but it feels a bit faster overall, though that might be the reality distortion field :)

Posted by Arcterex at November 20, 2008 10:54 PM