May 15, 2009
American Media is Insane - America's Worst Mom

Holy crap... this stuff is amazing. This mom let her child ride the subway alone! What's amazing you ask? Well, how about the media sh-t storm that has come up about it, calling her (among other things), "America's Worst Mom". Some of her article is below:

A day later, there across from me was Ann Curry looking outrageously pretty and slightly alarmed, because her next guest (the one right before George Clooney) just might be criminally insane. By way of introduction, she turned to the camera and asked, “Is she an enlightened mom or a really bad one?”

When I was a kid my parents let me run around in the woods alone. I rode my bike 5-10 km to the lake and back. I explored around the gravel pit. Sometimes I carried around an axe, or a knife. I'm still alive and (though some may argue) turned out perfectly normal. Maybe it's different in places like NYC though, apparently "experts" think this was akin to throwing your child into a pit of hungry wolves. Fascinating article anyway, love this quote too:

"[...] he was safe! That’s why I let him go, you fear-mongering hypocrite, preaching independence while warning against it!”

Posted by Arcterex at May 15, 2009 02:16 PM