December 22, 2009
How Success Killed Duke Nukem

Wired has a really good look at How Success Killed Duke Nukem. A bit of trivia from the article below:

As one patient fan pointed out, when development on Duke Nukem Forever started, most computers were still using Windows 95, Pixar had made only one movie -- Toy Story -- and Xbox did not yet exist.

As a fan of FPSs, I loved the original Duke Nukem' 3D and was at the height of my FPS gaming career in the Half-Life 1/Doom/Daikatana (which almost had the same vapor ware fate)/Quake 1/2/3/Unreal era and saw DNF go from engine to engine and never really believed a thing. Cool to see some of it all laid out anyway.

Posted by Arcterex at December 22, 2009 01:41 PM