January 20, 2010
How To Tell a Scam on Social Networking Site

Nice run through that may help the "normies" to tell scams on social networking sites. Similar rules that I send to people who (still!!) pass around the Microsoft will give you $100 if you forward this email scam. The new web 2.0 world has made some changes to confuse new users about what they're doing though. From the article:

Next thing, he asks you to invite all your friends (standard stuff, almost every group wants to be famous!). But here he asks you to paste what is called "JavaScript" (it doesn't start with HTTP://" so it's not a link). Now here all it does is select all of your friends, but it could just as much infect your computer with a virus, make you go to any site he wants, etc. Don't ever type in any JavaScript directly into your address bar.

Posted by Arcterex at January 20, 2010 10:43 AM