February 09, 2010
Google Event - Google Buzz Released

Buzz is live.

The live stream from the Google Event is now live. A bit stuttery for me, but live. I'll update as product / information is released. Sounds like they have new product(s) to announce. The rumors are something social-network oriented (facebook killer?).

Unfortunately my network connection here sucks so the stream is really choppy for me, but I just heard them talk about Gmail "Buzz", a new way to communicate inside GMail.

  • Builds on existing social network (ie: people in gmail that you chat and mail)
  • Sharing stuff similar to google reader it looks like.
  • Has google finally figured out what to do with their Wave stuff?
  • Fast and slick photo and video sharing/viewing experience.
  • When you share links Buzz will automatically fetch headlines, metadata, pictures, etc.
  • Public/private sharing.
  • Gmail based at-replies (@).
  • Friends-of-friends data goes into the stream using googley learning recommendations.

Another product demo up now, something to do with location. Hit the read more for the (updating) details.

Location aware updates for google maps and the google mobile experience. Related to Buzz as well.

  • Post from your mobile phone to Buzz.
  • buzz.google.com on your iphone/android (but not active yet).
  • Can see "interesting buzz" based on location as well as your own feed. IE: related to a concert you're at, restaurant, event, etc.
  • New "layer" in google maps that is called "buzz", to show you buzz based on locations on the map (wow, they're really throwing themselves into this new app).

On a side note, isn't there already a "buzz" webapp from Yahoo or something like that? I'm sure I've seen a "buzz up" button along with the standard digg/reddit ones.

They are launching it today, but it sounds like it's not done or completely baked.

Seems they are on to the Q&A now, and my net connection is complete crap so I'll stop updating now, I'm sure there'll be all sorts of Buzz (sorry) about this on the blogs soon enough :)

Posted by Arcterex at February 09, 2010 11:00 AM