June 15, 2010
Adobe Flash Update Tries to Install McAfee

Adobe updates Flash against security flaw - but watch out for the extras. Seriously? A company as big as Adobe has to do this crap?

Sneaky, that - trying to get you to install McAfee Security Scan Plus when all you actually want is an update of Flash.

I can understand if you're a small company trying to get a bit of extra revenue from installing crapware like the Ask toolbar, etc, but Adobe seems a bit big to do this sort of thing. The only justification I can see is that they are truly concerned about user's security and feel they aren't going to listen to a "hey, you know you should have an AV program installed" type message, and figure it's better to just shove AV software down their throats. I pity the IT workers that are going to have to deal with uninstalling this or dealing with conflicts or other really bad things resulting from users randomly installing things on their computers.

Posted by Arcterex at June 15, 2010 01:09 PM