June 15, 2010
iPhone 4 To Be Offered Unlocked In Canada

So there's good news and bad news with the post that the iPhone 4 will be offered unlocked in Canada.

The good news is that fellow canucks will be able to order the iPhone 4 right off the Apple site and get an unlocked phone that then can then put a micro-sim from your choice of carrier (Rogers, Bell, Fideo, Telus are the main ones AFAIK).

The bad news is you're paying full price for the phone, probably $549/649 for the 16/32G versions, and not the $199/299 price that you get if you buy from a carrier and get a phone that is carrier locked and with a contract. Still, if you're wanting an unlocked phone, it's nice to know that they are available without having to go to some shady back-alley electronics store.

Posted by Arcterex at June 15, 2010 03:39 PM