September 30, 2011
Linux has Only 10 Great Desktop Apps Says Miguel

... and I have to agree with him. Back in the day, having Staroffice OpenOffice LibreOffice and Gimp and the few others was awesome, but that situation hasn't really changed. The apps have gotten better, but they are the same apps. Yup, InkScape is amazing, free and open source, but it's been around since 2003, where are the new apps? In the Mac and Windows world new great apps are popping up all the time, less often the great of course, but even a couple of new, truly great apps a year is great, and needed for a vibrant ecosystem, and the Linux desktop feels like it's just re-polishing the same set of 10 or 20 great apps (and of course all the other less great ones) every year.

I put part of the blame on the distros, as if it's not in the latest Ubuntu/Fedora/etc chances are it's not going to get the mass appeal that other apps get, plus the attention, bug reports, and polish. But still, maybe the fact that you're not charging $34 a license for your app means you don't get something high quality, like the linked FTP client for the Mac.

Anyway, that's my take on a story I haven't even linked to yet! Check out
Linux has Only 10 Great Desktop Apps linked from OSNews to the full story at The OSNews comments are interesting too.

Posted by Arcterex at September 30, 2011 10:41 PM