June 11, 2012
Apple WWDC Announcements

Well, it’s finally over, the almost 2 hour keynote from Apple’s WWDC has finished and the good stuff is up and available for you mac nerds. In short:

Missing in action was any mention of Apple TV (how dare they not say anything about something that they never announced!), Mac Pro, or iMac. Though some of it might be simply that there is only so much they can announce in a 2 hour keynote.

Overall not disappointing at all. The new MacBook Pro retina version (wonder how that’ll match up in the lineup, compared to the normal macbook pro… why would anyone get the normal MBP when you pay a bit more and get this monster machine). Maps on iOS I’m really interested to see if non-major US cities get screwed (and as there’s no choice of mapping apps on iOS if the new maps isn’t as good as google maps, you are kinda boned), and I’m really loving the new updates and tweaks that’ll show up in Mountain Lion. The “power nap” system where it’ll get updates and notifications while still asleep and finally proper syncing of notes, reminders, etc. Some other nifty stuff too, but hit the links above for that.

Ok, enough with the Apple stuff, on to the rest of the news.

Posted by Arcterex at June 11, 2012 12:01 PM