October 17, 2012
Android 4.2 Alpha Contains SELinux

OSNews: Android 4.2 alpha contains SELinux

The other key piece of information to get from the string file is that this is an optional mode, don’t go around saying that Google is shutting down root functionality or anything. This is for security conscious enterprise and government-types and probably won’t be enabled on consumer phones.

As someone who has actually worked with SELinux (other than just turning it off like 99.9% of everyone else who’s ever encountered SELinux (see the first few options in googles suggest for ‘selinux’), I hope so, no normal human should ever have to deal with anything, anything but a completely setup, configured and tested system using SELinux, and even then it should be a server with a very specific task.

Good to have the option to add in more security though, SELinux, when configured right, is pretty damn secure.

Posted by Arcterex at October 17, 2012 10:54 PM