February 22, 2013
The Verge Gets To Use Google Glass

Joshua Topolsky writes for the Verge: I used Google Glass:

What was a total oddity a year ago, and little more than an experiment just 18 months ago is now starting to look like a real product. One that could be in the hands (or on the heads, rather) of consumers by the end of this year. A completely new kind of computing device; wearable, designed to reduce distraction, created to allow you to capture and communicate in a way that is supposed to feel completely natural to the wearer. It’s the anti-smartphone, explicitly fashioned to blow apart our notions of how we interact with technology.

… and …

The design of Glass is actually really beautiful. Elegant, sophisticated. They look human and a little bit alien all at once. Futuristic but not out of time — like an artifact from the 1960’s, someone trying to imagine what 2013 would be like. This is Apple-level design. No, in some ways it’s beyond what Apple has been doing recently. It’s daring, inventive, playful, and yet somehow still ultimately simple. The materials feel good in your hand and on your head, solid but surprisingly light. Comfortable. If Google keeps this up, soon we’ll be saying things like “this is Google-level design.”

Yes, I’m insanely jealous, just like every other tech nerd out there. The hardware has gotten smaller than the early beta testing I heard about. It takes a bit to get into the bits that we all really care about, how they are to use, but it’s well worth the read.

I hate you Joshua, I really do :P

Posted by Arcterex at February 22, 2013 09:15 AM