June 06, 2013
Gruber, Brent Simmons, and Others Launch Note Taking iPhone App Vesper

Hit the Vesper Review over at macstories.net

If you take into account the apps that I have reviewed over the past two years, Vesper may seem anachronistic and uncharacteristically simple: it’s a general-purpose note-taking app with no sync, no URL scheme, no iPad version, and no Markdown integration. When I first tried Vesper a couple of weeks ago, I was skeptical in regard to the app’s reason of existence. But now, in spite of its 1.0 nature and many missing features, I see one - and, more importantly, I believe Vesper gets several things right.

I got it, and have to admit it looks and feels gorgeous, but I suspect it may be a bit limited for my needs. I’ll replace Drafts for a week though and see how it does. Kudos to John, Brent, and Dave for the great looking app!

Posted by Arcterex at June 06, 2013 11:43 AM