June 11, 2013
Gizmodo on the New Mac Pro's Design

The Brilliant Insanity Behind the New Mac Pro’s Design. Great bit about how the new “trashcan” Mac Pro is really an evolution of the original G4 cube, and how it’s a game changing design by a nutso company. This quote hit it well

Let me just say this about the Mac Pro: this type of design can only be produced by a company that is first, truly led by its industrial design team, and second, completely nuts. No sane engineer would ever let this leave the design stage because it goes against everything you’re supposed to do with electronics. You’re supposed to arrange boards parallel to each other to maximize space efficiency. You’re supposed to have I/O ports that attach to the board in parallel, not perpendicularly. You’re supposed to end up with something that is roughly the shape of a box, because that’s the easiest and most efficient way to manufacture a device.

Posted by Arcterex at June 11, 2013 10:38 AM