August 09, 2000
Hollowman First, before you read on, there will be spoilers... next, the movie was good, go see it on the basis of special FX alone (though be warned if you're taking young ones that there is lots of harsh language and gore).

The movie was great. Kevin Bacon was good, and the FX were awsome. Seeing a person/ape dissapear/reappear layer by layer was extremely impressive. The "invisible" parts were extremely cool as well, with water/fog/etc flowing around the body just right.

However, I do have some issues with this movie. First of all, does anyone here think that making large animals, capable of crushing people with their bare paws, invisible? With no collar or means of tracking? How about not building any safeguards (other than a hokey Aliens-esque motion tracker) into said invisibility formula? Speaking of the formula, there wasn't a lot of explanation of how they were turning people and things invisible, and how when they were injected with something it was visible going through their veins (very cool) but their urine/vomit wasn't. Star Trek science I guess :)

Other things I had issues with: If you were trapped in a room with an air conditioner that an evil guy turned to "very cold" do you a) construct a crude MacGuyver-like electromagnet to open the door after almost freezing to death or do you simply take the crowbar and bash the shit out of the air conditioner? When you knock a bad guy down with a crowbar do you hit him once and then throw the crowbar in front of him while comforting your girlfriend or continue to beat the crap out of him until you know he's not going to get up?

Don't get me wrong, the above are little nit picks I picked up while watching the movie. I, unlike Tik or Mr Cranky thought the movie was good. Don't go looking for anything more than a good action movie though, but it is a good action movie. Posted by Arcterex at August 09, 2000 04:13 PM

Hey , in this movie, like all of Verhohenen's

'elevated' B-movies , it is not the cgi

that are the only FX -

For shame they cut out the chest high effects of

that fabulous girl , Rhona Mitra , and the

scene where the invisible man jumps her -

they should have kept that , alot of young

men would have drooled over that deleted scene


Posted by: Chad Castagana on May 10, 2003 09:06 PM
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