Fed 3b - Before & After (SS lug)

Close-up of SS lug with grommet

Stainless lug Brass lug

Strap Lugs for Russian Cameras

Have your Fed or Zorki (or other clamshell-bodied) 35mm Range-Finder camera retro-fitted with strap lugs.

Get away from the "never ready" case and have your camera out and available for speedy photography. This is a mail-in service with a 2-day turn-around. The cost will be US $20 for Canada and the U.S. Mainland; other countries will cost about US $5 extra.

Here's what will happen. You mail the camera body to me in western Canada. I drill and tap 2 holes in the front half of the body, install threaded brass lugs with the included 1" split rings, and secure them with "permanent" grade Loctite. Once this has cured, your camera is mailed back and you should get it within a week. Return mail by surface post is included in the price.

The photos show before and after with stainless steel and brass lugs; this service offers brass lugs as normal. 2 lugs are standard, top right and top left. Contact me if you want Leica-style with both lugs on the left side, so the camera hangs vertically (film advance down).

Contact David Bailward at "djb@netsplash.ca"

Fed 3b - ready to go!