May 07, 2007
Enligtenment Update

So a sub-sub-sub-sub release Enlightenment update was released today ( Sadly Enlightenment E17 is still not released, though you can run it if you do a bit of hacking around.

Personally I think that while E17 was the shiznit back in the day (transparent eterms! OMG!), however now it's really not all that relevant. Projects like Beryl and Compiz have far eclipsed the functionality that enlightenment gave us, and as cool as the new E17 stuff sounds (resolution independance, hardware acceleration, running on any device (like a cellphone)), if it's never released and available as a finished product (or as finished as any open source gets), how good is that? Duke-Nukem' ForE17 anyone?

That said, there are still people hacking away, which is great to hear.

Posted by Arcterex at May 07, 2007 04:14 PM
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