June 04, 2002
Cool Program of the Week: Earthviewer

My good thanks to Yohimbe for introducing me to Earthviewer, quite possibly the coolest program I've seen in a long time. Sadly it's windows, but on the upside, it's extremely cool. Basically it's a GL program that allows you to zoom in from the point where earth is just a marble to street level. It uses a combination of different satallite photography and terrain information (make sure you hit the "terrain" button to get the moutains popping up) to give you images of the earth for pretty much everywhere. The really highly detailed stuff is only really in the US, Japan and Afganistan (go figure), and not all terrain is high high high detailed, but you can zoom in on cars in london or Tokyo. Combine that with handy "bookmarks" of points of interest, the ability to just type in an address and have the program zoom there, the ability to show or hide details such as roads, bars, hospitals, lodging, and countless others.... oh, and a cool tilt function, in combination with full 3d (zoom, move, tilt, pan, rotate) control. The program is a 14 day trial, but man, it's cool. Due to the GL it is very smooth as well... seems to have a big memory leak unfortunatly, I left it running while watching Slap Shot on DVD and found it had consumed about 400 meg of memory! Anyway, enough babbling, go check it out!

Posted by Arcterex at June 04, 2002 11:10 PM