June 05, 2002
New Webmail (BETA)

Hey all you webmail users, there's a new version of IMP out that looks quite nice, and I have installed at https://ufies.org/horde2. This is not the final address, but I'd like some feedback from users on if it sucks/rocks and should it stay/go? I don't know if old address books can be pulled over to the new system or not, which is a potential major sticking point.

Oh, another mail related note. I have a system called pop-before-smtp going now. The way it works is as follows. The system will watch for people authenticating themselves with pop or imap (or pops/imaps) and when it sees that, it will open up their IP as a valid relay for SMTP for a limited amount of time. End result? As long as you get your mail first via pop or imap, you can use ufies.org as an outoing smtp server. This is new, and will be removed if there's any abuse (which I don't expect there will be), and feedback is appreciated :)

Posted by Arcterex at June 05, 2002 02:57 PM