June 26, 2002
New Key for Secure Web Server

Just FYI, if you head to this site in https, or it the old or new webmail, you'll see that the server key has changed. This is due to the admin (that'd be me) being a bonehead and only creating a year long key originally, and then that same guy (that's me again) not knowing how to extend the cert's expiry date (someone care to enlighten me?). Anyway, just to let you know it's all good. BTW, I'm following these instructions to create the cert, and if there's a way to make it so I don't have to change the key/cert but extend the expiry date, please let me know.

(Pssst... the root CA for ufies.org (for OE users) can be found here)

Posted by Arcterex at June 26, 2002 10:31 AM