July 17, 2002
The Damian Spake...

Headed down to seattle last night to the Seattle Perl Users Group meeting to see a talk by The Damian. Damian Conway is well known for his many cool ass perl modules, as well as his book Object Oriented Perl. The talk was not on perl so much as other things, which (as the talk was a warm up for the YAPC) I'm not at liberty to reveal. However, The Damian was a fantastic speaker, as well as a damn interesting one. He is a better teacher than my high school physics teachers as well. If you get a chance to go to YAPC, or see Damian speak anywhere, I heartily suggest you do so. If you're in the pacific northwest and have the opportunity to head down to Seattle for the SPUG meetings, head down there, it's worth the drive!

Posted by Arcterex at July 17, 2002 11:16 AM