October 21, 2002
Debian Unstable Libc6 Upgrade

To anyone who runs debian, beware, unstable just upgraded to libc6 2.3.1-2, which causes some problems with at least one package that I know of, that being php, which prevents apache from loading.

To reverse this, go to /var/cache/apt/archives and look for libc6-dev_2.2.5-*, libc6_2.2.5-* and locales_2.2.5-*, and do a dpkg -i on them, then restart apache and all should be good again.

Thanks to the guys in #debian for pointing me in the direction to fix this. Sadly this shows the downside of debian.... to get the new stuff, you gotta be in unstable, but in unstable, you run the risk of being bitten if you don't pay attention :)

Posted by Arcterex at October 21, 2002 09:06 AM