November 01, 2002
PSI 0.8.7 Released

A new version of PSI, a great multi-platform jabber client has been released. It runs on both linux and windows, supports SSL, and has a host of new and improved features! Hit the download page now! Read more for the new features...

From the README file:

  New in 0.8.7:
  - Multiple Jabber logins at once
  - Much improved Jabber resource handling
  - New contact tooltip shows information about all resources logged in
  - "Self" contact, so that you can access your other resources
  - Groupchat
  - Server account unregister capability
  - Contact list now reports presence errors
  - New auth/ask icons instead of "need authorization" psuedogroup
  - Events from hidden contacts cause only those contacts to appear
  - Ability to use proxy when registering
  - Connecting animation
  - New "busy" animation
  - Normal message dialog now has JID auto-completion support
  - Optional feature to send URLs detected in the clipboard (like Licq)
  - Finding messages in history now locates instead of filtering
  - "What's This" information available to many dialogs
  - bugfix: crash when changing status
  - bugfix: proxy port reset to 8080 when modifying account
  - bugfix: can't close register dialog
  - bugfix: can't ignore SSL warnings during register
  - Quite a few other things..

Posted by Arcterex at November 01, 2002 08:01 AM