May 08, 2003
Memories: Half Life 1 Preview

In consideration of Half Life 2 being released in just a few months, Steve of shacknews has posted his first Half-Life 1 preview. Ah, the memories. Currently I'm making my way through the Half Life 1 expansion pack Opposing Force and all I have to say is "Damn you Tig! Curse you a thousand deaths for getting me sucked in to this game!" I'd forgotten how engrossing the game is.... it's graphics have even stood the test of time well. I have actually turned up the brightness of my monitor at times, and man, when I enter a seemingly normal area and suddenly the CD spins up and some music starts pumping out.... oh... man.... (yea yea, I'm a wimp, shut up!)

Posted by Arcterex at May 08, 2003 07:44 AM