August 20, 2003
New Longhorn Screen Shots?

Wow, the direction is certainly not going toward simpler to use! This is from Paul Thurrott's site with some shots he says are from the new Longhorn (Windows 2003(2004?)(2005?)) interface. Scoble says that they are early demo screens however, and not the real "Aero" interface, which is one of Microsoft's biggest secrets.

Personally they have the "ooh! cool!" look, but in reality, would I want my grandmother trying to use something that needs this many lines explaining what it is? I wonder why they aren't moving towards a more simplistic and easier to understand look? (from XvsXP's discussion on the dock icons vs the taskbar icons). Do you really need this wide a control to indicate the volume level?

Posted by Arcterex at August 20, 2003 10:17 AM