September 14, 2003
Stupid People

I'm really wondering how stupid people really are. Long ago I posted a story entitled How to Kill MSN Messanger, all about how to stop messanger from loading on boot, and if you run outlook express, or IE, or pretty much anything. Somehow some people started posting to get passwords for hotmail accounts. And them more, and more and more and more. I get one or two every few days, and I just wonder if anyone reads anymore.

The last one, from "Lord BlueKnight" says "i dont know if this is a hoax or not". Erhm.... where is the hoax? The story clearly states "... how to prevent it from loading automatically". Not completely clear maybe, but they obviously didn't follow the link.


I wonder if there are a bunch of @msn, @hotmail and @aol peole just sitting waiting anxiously for someone to send them hotmail email addresses.

Posted by Arcterex at September 14, 2003 09:48 PM