September 26, 2003
Things to Fix in WindowsUpdate

A good list of the things that have to be fixed in windows update. As someone who has just spent the last week or so doing three separate installs of XP from scratch on various computers, the hour or more spent each time downloading, waiting, installing, rebooting, downloading more, waiting, installing, rebooting, going back to windows update yet again, etc etc gets a bit.... "tiring" after a while. Hopefully someone will see that list and think about fixing things.

I know that not having to download patches off an install would require a new CD for each patched version of Windows, and that's not that realistic, but just running one update once would be nice.

Some of his other suggestions I'm not sure I completely agree with. I don't trust Microsoft to install software without my approval. I don't trust anyone to install stuff without my approval, so having your system patched and having things installed in the background without my consent doesn't make me all warm and fuzzy. On the other hand I cleaned off about 500 virii and infected files (via AVG and ad-aware) off a system not that long ago. When I asked if the user ever updated she said "oh, that think I always hit 'later' on?". *sigh* Maybe a "I am a techie" button somewhere that will convert from a "do whatever you want MS" to a "ask me before doing anything" schema.

Posted by Arcterex at September 26, 2003 11:04 AM