November 25, 2003
Open Letters and a New Reality Series

Dear Mr. Trump.

Just because NBC's new reality show isn't a Law and Order spin off doesn't mean it's "radically different." In fact, it's a spin off of some of the worst TV I've avoided this decade. Though I'm sure the fact that the show features you has nothing to do with your opinion.

Love, Alan

Dear TV Producers and Executives from the major networks,

Please stop creating reality shows. They are over done. You have had reality shows, reality shows that were parodies of reality shows, fake reality shows, fake reality shows the second season, fake reality shows that are aired twice in a row with the schmoe's commentary in a transparent attempt to bleed it for all it's got, rip offs of reality shows, and reality shows that require subtitles and still suck.

Please stop. We the people of north america can't take anymore. Saying that "the market is driving this" doesn't cut it when you give the market nothing to watch but shitty reality shows. Complaining about how people are pirating other TV shows that don't suck via p2p networks shows you have no clue.

Please stop and let reality television go down as a footnote on the stupidity of mankind at the start of the decade in some future history book. Please.

Love, Alan

Posted by Arcterex at November 25, 2003 02:48 PM