January 27, 2004
Gates on Linux Security

On the day that a the nice big Windows Outlook Worm is filling up email inboxes (mine included, since yesterday morning), news.com has a story called Gates takes swipe at Apple, Linux security.

"A high-volume system like (Windows) that has been thoroughly tested will be by far the most secure," Gates told the audience at the Developing Software for the future Microsoft Platform conference...

What crack is this guy smoking? Of course he follows this up with:

"To say a system is secure because no one is attacking it is very dangerous," [regarding os with less market share].
Following this logic Windows is the most secure OS in the history of the universe. While his intentions are correct. If FooOS has only 5 users and is completely unknown then it's security is untested compared to one that is in use by a larger population of the net. However, according to the January stats, apache has 67% of the servers on the Internet. Sorry Bill, the logic doesn't hold.

Of course, when you're talking to a bunch of MS developers you can't tell them the truth can you? I wonder if they actual believe this stuff? There was no indication that he was talking about the next generation windows (longhorn) which is touted to be much more secure either, but the current one.

Sorry Microsoft, you're still full of it.

Thanks to Christophe letting me know about it.

Posted by Arcterex at January 27, 2004 09:15 AM