February 03, 2004
On Boobage

Jake over at Lying Media Bastards has some good thoughts on the great Boobery incident that happened during the superbowl. My favorite quote (which I have to agree with) is:

Sometimes I think about living in a cave, far far away from other people. But then I'd only have two nipples to look at, and that's just not enough.

There was another great quote on Eclecticism on the "incident" which goes as such:

In the middle of a heavily-publicized violent sports event (maybe not as overtly violent as boxing, but when many players are injured and hospitalized each year, sometimes gravely so, we're not talking tiddlywinks), in the midst of a halftime show known for excess and pushing the boundaries, the world got a momentary one-or-two second (accidental?) glimpse of a single breast.

One breast. A couple seconds. And it's instant controversy.

Roughly half the world's post-pubescent population already has two breasts of their very own, and I'm assuming that unless they ensure that all lights are off every time they get dressed or take a shower, they've probably already seen those; and the other half of the population generally spends a fair amount of their waking hours trying to find ways to see those breasts that they don't have! This isn't exactly a new thing, folks.

Sorry for quoting the whole thing, but it's all pretty relevant :)

Posted by Arcterex at February 03, 2004 09:13 AM