February 11, 2004
An Ode to Internet Users

I found this beauty in the midst of a FARK.com comment thingy regarding the "released 6 months after it was discovered" microsoft IE patch. Read on for a great post by pomposity...

Somebody just might listen to this:

I hate you.

I hate you because you use Outlook Express.

I hate you because you open "those virus attachments" and make the internet suck just a little bit more for the rest of us.

I hate you because you think you're protected because of that "Norton thingie" in the system tray, even though it cannot catch new viruses.

I hate you for not using a firewall.

I hate you for using Internet Explorer and getting infected with spyware.

I hate you because right now your computer is being used to flood the internet with spam, because that virus gave control of your computer to a spammer.

I hate you because you don't care.

I hate you because you pirated that software that secretly contained a trojan.

I hate you because you don't password your computer. (NEWS FLASH: if you don't use a password, half of the hacker's work is already done.)

I hate you because you don't realize that as soon as somebody breaks in to your computer, you no longer own it.

I hate you because you farking purchased a Windows computer and didn't farking bother to secure it.

I hate you because anybody with sufficient time, money, and workers could take over your computers and cripple networks with flooding.

I hate you.

This has been brought to you by the "If you're not going to play any games buy an Apple because it's actually secure by default; and if you already own Windows turn your effing firewall on and get a Mozilla or Opera product instead of using Internet Explorer and Outlook Express (although you can use IE occaisionally if the site doesn't work) and then you should get Spybot Search & Destroy, install it, update it, and remove the spyware on your computer" coalition.

Posted by Arcterex at February 11, 2004 11:35 AM