March 01, 2004
Letters About the Boobage

Ah, I love the wacko concervatives in the US. The smoking gun has a nice collection of letters to the FCC about the Janet Jackson Boobage "incident". It notes that most of the email flooded in not on the day of the boob viewing, but later on after concervative groups started screaming for their nipples to be drawn, quartered and put on a pike in town square that the letters came in. Some asking for the singers' (and all news media) imprisonment.

Ah, gotta love it. Read a few of the letters and you'll see everything from an analysis of the nipple decoration and why it's not something that's worn every day to likening the viewing of a nipple to the end of days. One letter linked above notes that "just a few years ago the word homosexual was an outrage (it was?), and now half the country wants to sanction gay marriage", then matches this up with a nipple today, everyone walking around naked tomorrow. Isn't this the "slippery slope" argument that the fundamentalists are always talking about? Or is that the lefties? Or both? It's a pretty flawed argument anyway. I think that this guy should really take a look at what else is on TV before getting up in an outrage over something he probably only heard about after the fact (my guess). Luckily there are voices of reason in there too: "send [me] the money/resources & I will give it to some poor children who won't be able to eat tonight."

Erhm... so yea, read the funny letters. Thanks Fark.

Posted by Arcterex at March 01, 2004 12:47 PM