March 02, 2004
Request for Generous UFies

Via my dear friend Iambe:


A very dear UFie I know (who will have to remain anonymous because he doesn?t know I am doing this) informed me earlier than he is shy a CD burner because his conked out on him in a cruel twist of fate. Normally when this happens we would just head on out to yon nearest webstore or brickstore and pick up a new one (funds providing) ? however our friend is unable to do so because of not only limited income (disability income) but because of a disability (mobility).

If you happen to have an extra CD burner (say you just recently upgraded to a DVD burner) that is hanging around and wouldn?t mind shipping it to a US address on a random act of kindness, please get in touch with me at iambe at userfriendly d-o*t org(an) and will see if we can?t match your spare hardware with this kind soul.

Thank you,


Posted by Arcterex at March 02, 2004 04:59 PM