October 03, 2004

This is for those who can't get to arcterex.net (due to it sitting in a corner of my basement), I figured I'd throw out a bit of an update. Read on for why I've been silent here and more....

For those of you who don't know, I bought a house, lost my job, started doing massive renovations on the house, and found a new job (starting tomorrow) all in a quite compressed length of time.

The move is complete! All my worldly possessions are now stuff into the basement of my new house, along with cats, computers, etc. We are still (still!) waiting for the guy who is doing the ceilings to finish, and as soon as that is done we can finish the floor (currently a stylish bare plywood motif), and when we have a floor the fun stuff, like unpacking and not living out of boxes, can start. I do have internet, in that it's set up and I finally broke down yesterday and hooked up my linux workstation so I could get some net time.

The cats are adjusting as well as could be expected, with some changes in position on the feline totem pole (Corny has re-claimed the bed (well, foamy on the floor of the someday-to-be office) as his, and is defending it feverantly), and other fun stuff (they are just learning about the concept of stairs for example). The house is full of very scary noises and new smells, but they have lots of places to hide amidst my their boxes.

I found out from the cable modem guy that the wire that Cat5 nicely put in all over the house for me (he worked his ass off wiring the entire place with coax for cablevision and cat 5e for both phone and net) was old and busted. Turns out no one told him that the pile of wire that he used was ripped out of my in-laws house by the cable guy saying it was old and busted! D'oh! Cableguy left a box of good wire though, so I'll be re-pulling some of the cablevision runs in the next couple of days. Some have already been walled up so they'll have to live with a less than perfect signal.

Other than that life goes on. I'm resisting setting up any more computers simply because of the construction going on around and my lack of desire to have to re-set everything up when the office is turned back into an office and not a make-shift bedroom :) Well, that and there isn't any room.

Posted by Arcterex at October 03, 2004 10:47 AM