January 06, 2005
Cross Platform RAW Image Viewer and Converter

I just have to give huge kudos to the guys over at Through-the-lens.net. for their RAW tools done in java. They have Gallery Constructor, which lets you create web albums (not what I was looking for), and RawView, a tool to let you view and export RAW images. All tools are in Java, so they work anywhere, and are free for non-commercial use, which means that when I accidently left my camera on RAW mode when taking some pictures of the new snow this morning, I didn't have to wait till I got back home to post them, I just downloaded RawView, played with the settings (not as extensive as say Photoshop CS's RAW setup, but decent nonetheless) and exported. Simple and easy, which is perfect.

Huge thanks to Jari and Mika, the authors.

Posted by Arcterex at January 06, 2005 09:36 AM