February 28, 2005
This is Why I don't own a Webcam Tig passed on a link to a NYT article which graphically explains why you should never record yourself lipsyncing in any sort of digital format.
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February 27, 2005
New HHGTTG Trailer Oneiros pointed me to this new HHGTTG trailer, which is (IMHO and his) the best of those released so far. Download, view, enjoy.
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February 25, 2005
Create Your Own Ice Wall Very cool... seems some ice climbers lived in an area without a lot of ice walls, so they decided to create their own! Via Garrett.
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Cat Pic of the Day Slow day, so I give to you a pic of a cute (but big) cat and cub. Sadly my GF won't let me get one of these, something "too big" and "eat people". *sigh*, some people eh?
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February 22, 2005
Mr. Cranky Picks the Oscars Mr. Cranky, of whom I'm a great fan, blasts out with his Oscar Predictions 2005.
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Episode 3 in Screenshots Boing boing points to Star Wars Episode 3 as a fotonovela.

"The entire story of Star Wars: Episode 3, laid out in about 80 screenshots from the film."

When you eventually get to the site though, do remember that there are potentially huge spoilers as far as storyline, characters, locations, etc.

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February 21, 2005
Yes, Oh Yes Please! I so want this! I need this poster sized for my office.
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Cool Photoshop Action Cool effect from the Dragonizer photoshop action. Check it out.
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Digital Photography Hacks Found a link to DigiHack , which has lots of info on DIY projects for digital camers. IE: flash ring, macro light box, digital pinhole lens...
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February 18, 2005
Microsoft Guide to 31337 Speak MS has released A parent's primer to computer slang. The question is, if your kids talk like this do you turn them into the FBI or MS for piracy and terrorism? :)
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February 17, 2005
Build Your Own MythTV Box A good HOWTO using KnoppMyth to build a MythTV system.
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The Daily Show on Fake Reporters and Indecency Ok, the episode of the Daily Show posted on Behind the Times has reconfirmed that Jon Stewart and his crew have one of the funniest shows on TV. (period).
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Star Wars Geeks Funny post with some pics of some supremely geeky star wars nerds. Wow. I like SW, but I'm not this bad....
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Howto Install OS/X on a PC Installing OS X on a PC using pearpc.
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February 16, 2005
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Trailer It's flash, but still tres cool.... Amazon has a tailer for The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Time to re-read the books so I know where they screwed up so I can complain :) Oooh! Here's a higher rez quicktime version, and the teaser.
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February 15, 2005
More Silly Flash Games Dana sends over two games... one that lets you splatter monkeys all over rocks, and one to let you splatter a helicopter all over the place. Course, you can also just spank the monkey :) For the sick and twisted, you can play Posted by Arcterex at 09:00 AM
OS/X Themes Wow, some very sexy Appearance Themes for OS/X. I particularily like this one. Got a Gnome version of this?
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One Week With Gentoo Article The "Linux Times" has an article entitled One week with Gentoo Linux. It's conclusions (in part):
Gentoo is a one-of-a-kind distribution, simple yet powerful. The only drawback is that it can take very long to compile software (I would love to test Gentoo on a AMD64), but the results made me forget that.
This is true enough, but after the inital "big ones" (gnome, kde, X, etc) on modern hardware it's really easy to get used to the time to emerge a package.
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February 14, 2005
Napster Free Music? Interesting post on how to use the napster 14 day free trial in combination with some winamp magic to get 20,160 minutes of potential music.
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February 11, 2005
Half Life 2 Getting New Lighting System Something coming in through Valve's Steam system will be coming down soon.
Today, Valve software announced several neat new things coming down the Half-Life 2 pipeline, the neatest of which is the inclusion of High Dynamic Range lighting, or HDR, an effect that gives light a very realistic glow.
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February 09, 2005
UNIX Source Code Comments Odd Comments and Strange Doings in Unix.
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February 08, 2005
Extension for Better Searching in Firefox Forgetfoo points to bettersearch which is an extension for firefox which puts thumbnails of pages into your google/msn/etc search results. Kinda cool.
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Macs Sucking? Never! Gregg has answered the question of Why Does Windows still suck with his own in a way, talking about how mac users should Clean their own house first. Good thoughts dude. It's pretty easy to feel superior and to ignore your own faults when examining someone elses. For example, something I hear from Windows People a lot in OS Religious wars is something along the lines of "but macs don't have OneNote! Or Halo2! they suck without those!" or something along those lines. Sadly (IMHO) this is similar to faulting a ford because it doesn't have a chevy logo on the engine, or a dell because you like the compaq logo more.
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Spam Blocking with Postfix Kasia points to how to block spammers with Postfix HELO controls. Going to see if this'll work on UFies.....

Update ... ok, implemented more strict helo rules for the site... ie: you can't use 'helo ufies.org' when connecting to my mailserver unless you're legitimately ufies.org. Here's hoping...

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Addicting Helecopter Game I blame Dana for this Addicting Helicopter game. Bastard.
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Napster Not So Good? A look at unsubscribing from napster and some of the suck associated with it. John has another post on the napster subscription service (the magic 8 ball knows all).
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February 07, 2005
Chicago Architecture in "I, Robot" This is neat. Someone put together a bunch of info about the architecture of the Chicago presented in I, Robot. Check it out.
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Superbowl Ads As expected, iFilm has all the Super Bowl Ads collected for your viewing pleasure.
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The NHL Song Dana passed this on to me a couple of days ago, but I never got a chance to listen to it. Now I have I have to post it.... it's NHL Season Song (650k wma) hilarious. Well, hilarious and sad... I miss my hockey :~-(
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February 04, 2005
Buffyology - Searchable Buffy Database Ever have a question about a Buffy episode and had no place to find the answer? Have no fear, the buffyology is here! Every episode, cast member, quote and date.
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February 03, 2005
Getting Beagle Working in Gentoo This is pretty cool. I've been watching Beagle for a while now, it's the desktop search solution to Spotlight (Mac) and WinFS (Windows). Check the screenshots, it looks and works pretty sweetly. There were also some flash demos posted recently. Anyway, someone put up a HOWTO Beagle 0.0.5 Installation. Note though that to get the latest mono in portage you will need to unmask gcc as well (not a big deal).
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February 02, 2005
Application Layer Data Filtering with NetFilter Dana pointed this out to me.... Application Layer Packet Classifier for Linux.
This is a classifier for the Linux kernel's Netfilter subsystem that identifies packets based on application layer data (OSI layer 7). This means that it can classify packets as HTTP, FTP, Gnucleus, eDonkey2000, etc, regardless of port. Our classifier complements existing ones that match on address, port numbers and so on.
Basically this means your firewall can be told to say, block http traffic into the network and it'll work regardless of if some clever employee has set up a webserver on port 8080, or 31337. Wonder how slow it is though, doing regex matching on application layer data doesn't scream "speed" to me :) Course, with todays bandwidth and computer speed....
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February 01, 2005
Dailly Show on Walmart Another hilarious take on Walmart from the daily show (quicktime video).
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