July 29, 2005
Doom Movie Teaser Dana pointed me to a Doom The Movie teaser. Thanks man, Very cool!
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July 28, 2005
IE 7 Impressions Robert McLaws posts about his IE7 on XPSP2 - First Impressions. Hint: he may be a windows fan, but he's not a fan of IE7. Lots of poorly implemented things pointed out. I'ts only a beta of course, but it sounds like some of the key "new" functionality (tabbed browsing, RSS) is either broken or just horribly implemented. Also, why are you still needed to reboot your computer after updating your web browser? Wasn't that gotten rid of ages ago?

<sarcasm>I can understand that you have to reboot when you upgrade your mp3 player, but not your web browser.... </sarcasm>

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Space Shuttle Launch Video Link from Boing Boing has a realplayer (ick) video of the shuttle launch. Man that's cool to see!
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Worried About New Windows Activation Checks? Don't Be. Recently MS has said they are going to start doing checking for piracy when doing a windows update. Worried? Don't be, the system was cracked in 24 hours using a simple line of javascript. Maybe all that integration of IE is a good thing!
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July 27, 2005
Vista Screenshots For those interested in Windows longhorn Vista, here are some screenshots posted. Shows some of the UI changes (anyone know if this is avalon finally, or just something they've thrown on until things are ready in a year or whatever?), new start menu with search integrated, virtual folders, and some of the new explorer features (looks cluttered, but I'll give it try and see how it is).
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How it Should Have Ended I'm just about out the door to go to work, so I haven't actually seen more than the front page of The Official How It Should Have Ended Website, but I can't wait to check it out. The endings of movies how they, well, should have ended :)
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July 25, 2005
A Well Behaved Tire This seems classic, but I haven't seen it before. Check out this video of a tire coming off at a nascar event.
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Podcast of Adobe Tutorials This is a neat use of podcasting..... Frank posted some Adobe tutorials in podcast format. Very nifty. Now I just need to create the time to listen to them!
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July 22, 2005
Photoshop Album Starter Edition Now Free DPReview reports that Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition v3.0 is now a fre download. It's got basic editing and organizing capabilities. Personally I'm using Elements 3.0 for the most part, and can't speak on Album, only that it was my impression that Album was replaced by Elements.... Still, good to see more free and useful software out there now.
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Digital Camera Dust and Hot Pixel Fixes Jpegpixi - JPEG Pixel Interpolator sounds like a pretty cool program for people with digital SLR cameras who are finding that "joy" of hot pixels and sensor dust.
‘Jpegpixi’ is short for ‘JPEG Pixel Interpolator’. The intent of the program is to interpolate pixels (single pixels, dots, stripes) in JPEG images. This is useful to correct images from a digital camera with CCD defects. For example, if one pixel is always bright green, this pixel can be interpolated with jpegpixi.
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July 20, 2005
Commentary on Battlefield 2 VG Cats has commentary on my Fav new game, Battlefield 2. Sad but true..... From the /. discussion.
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Seeing What you Don't See Cat5 sent over a neat link on Blind spots, and how to find and "see" them. Didn't work 100% for me, but still a neat read.
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July 08, 2005
Canadian Forces Light This is a great little movie that a friend of mine passed on, Canadian Forces Light.... eh?
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July 07, 2005
Donation Drive Hey all my faithful readers out there... UFies hasn't been doing a whole lot lately, but that's going to be changing soon! I've got a bunch of ideas up my sleeve about cool and exciting stuff that I'd love to offer here, and I'm excited about getting stuff going. Right now I host mail, web and domain services and have a great time doing it. I'm looking at expanding what's going on here a bit more, perhaps providing some better services, and re-launch the Peer 2 Peer Personals site with lots of new fun stuff for the single geek. However, the hosting for the site is coming out of my pocket right now, and some kind folks supporting me through paypal (link on the right of the page) or through other means, would be a fantastic help.

Many thanks.

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Free DNS Service Thanks to ScoobyD for pointing out EveryDNS.net, a service that provides free static and dynamic DNS services.
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July 06, 2005
Knights Vs. Zombies When was the last time you were at a SCA event and suddenly the battlefield was invaded by.... zombies??
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July 04, 2005
Test Your Canada Day Knowledge Fred passed on this Canada Day quiz. A bit late, but why not eh? I got 14/20, whohoo!
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