August 31, 2005
Alternative BF2 Server Browser BF2AutoLoader: A free, no adware / spyware alternative to the BF2 / Gamespy server browser. Nice replacement to the horrible in game game browser that comes with BF2.
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August 30, 2005
Blind Date with a Crackwhore Muahahahahah Blind Date with a Crackwhore from stankervision (first link). Not for the young and innocent however...
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August 26, 2005
Cats In Sinks The cutest thing you'll see today: Cats In Sinks
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August 25, 2005
Uhmm.... Wow. That's... uhm.... Nevok sent me a link to a Fisher-Price Royal Potty, a toilet training device for kids. Ok, that's normal enough, the thing that got me was this:
A musical reinforcement when child first sits and a royal fanfare with each success!
Anyone else see their kids being conditioned that if musical fanfare doesn't play after each "success" that they didn't do it properly? Will they provide a seat for adults to reverse this conditioning?

I want to hear an example of the "fanfare" myself.... Check out the detail.... some parts include "sensor" and "deflector shield". Be sure to check out demo.

I'm speechless. Honestly.

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Doom Movie Trailer Well, the DOOM Movie Full Trailer is available from Fileshack. I'm not sure if I'm convinced, it's not going to be more than a B movie in my opinion, and the first person shooter scenes looked pretty odd to me (in a movie that is). As one commenter in the Shacknews threads comments:
[...] of course, the first person mode which actually looks pretty cool, though I think I'd prefer a few 30 second to 2 minute sequences of it than a single 12 minute section of the movie that I think they're going to do.
Guess we'll see Oct 21!
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August 23, 2005
Mythbusters Interview Cool interview with Adam Savage of Mythbusters. If you don't know about Mythbusters, find it on discovery channel now. One of the best shows on TV (IMHO) since Junkyard Wars.
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August 22, 2005
GNOME Power Management Footnotes linked to an article on the Gnome Power Manager. The article isn't really deep, a better place to check out would be the home page. It's a nice overview of how the new HAL/DBUS architecture works in conjunction with the new powermanager software.
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August 20, 2005
Blowin' Stuff Up How do you kill bored in Iraq? Well, if you're one of the guys with grenades, it's a simple answer, blow shit up! A friendly reminder just how powerful those grenades are, for those of us who have spent a lot of time in first person shooters where a grenade that doesn't hit you directly just means you need to find a health pack :)
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KMenu Replacement Ideas I've never been to, and when I checked out some stuff there today, I'm glad I did. Lots of good ideas, screenshots, and mockups of all sorts of things, including a 5 page thread looking for a kmenu replacement.
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August 18, 2005
Another New Mapping App Flash Earth combines google/msn maps, earth, and flash. Very cool. Also very interesting to see the differences in the imagery that google vs msn uses. For example, for this location, msn has superior images. However, in say, my area, MSN has no data at all (however, the program does a relatively good job of hiding one or the other. I know this will be my new favorite website for a bit now :)
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More Online Mapping Forget foo points to A9 Maps, which is nicely similar-yet-different from google maps and MSN Maps. Their "pictures along the street" feature is pretty neat, and the interface, while being a bit more cluttered, is still relatively easy to understand. I still found it a bit clunky and not 100% bug free to use, however the use of rich application type features was impressive (ie: click and drag to select an area to look at, zoom in / out, pan and drag, etc).
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"Open In IE In Tab" A new twist on an older Firefox extension. The latest Embedded IE Tab Extension allows you to open up a page in IE in a separate tab. No more having to have another window open for those pesky IE only pages!
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Adobe Blogs Mike Potter blogs about Adobe and Linux in his Linuxworld Wrapup.
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August 14, 2005
Computer Cooling through Ducting Interesting article on how to build a duct system that'll reduce computer case temperatures and noise by significant amounts.... for under $30! Here's another one.
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August 12, 2005
Running OS/X on x86 Saw this comment in a slashdot story on OS X on Plain Old x86 Boxes. Anyone tried this? Worth going through the steps and nuking an old hard drive?
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Pengine Movie I first heard about March Of The Penguins on the Stern show this morning. Looks actually pretty interesting, or at least really cool visually. Anyone else out there seen it or heard anything about it?

obFuzzy - Baby penguins are cute! I want one to play with the cats with.

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August 11, 2005
New Quake 4 and Quake Wars Screenshots Shacknews has some new Quake Wars screenshots and some more Quake 4 screenshots. Looks pretty hot...
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August 09, 2005
Where's My SysAdmin? Why You Can't Find Your System Administrator, passed on by Cuvarack. My fav has to be #17.....
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August 03, 2005
In Flight Ejection Another link from Fark. Looks a lot like a trailer for a flight sim. The video is taken from the front of the plane and shows a bird being sucked into the engine on take off. The resulting cockpit chatter, talk from the aircraft (bitchin' betty) and apparent calmness of the crew (except for the breathing) is pretty cool to hear, at least for a flight sim buff like myself :)
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Science of Kung Fu Kung Fu? Meet Physics readers, meet interesting article.

"We did high quality photographs to find out my maximum speed which was 10 metres per second.

"Kung Fu experts get 15 or more. We worked out the kinetic energy generated and the impact of it on the wood. My top was 18 joules but I only needed five - so I knew as long as I went fast enough it would be fine.
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