September 29, 2005
Nano Mod The Uncyclopedia shows how to mod your Ipod Nano to 200gb.

If only it were that easy...

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Opinion on Comic Book Characters Eric Larsen absolutly blasts comic book writers:
An open letter to comic book creators everywhere:
Is that all you've got?
Because if it is-- that's pretty fucking sad.
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September 28, 2005
Google Maps For Mobile TigerT points to Google mobile maps, which gives you access to google maps on your java enabled cell phone.
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September 21, 2005
Six Degrees of Wikipedia Separation Very nifty.... you can use six degrees of wikipedia to find that it's 4 hops from Pizza to Weight Loss. Iiiiiiinteresting.
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KDE 3.5 Alpha Preview A bit old, here's a preview of KDE 3.5 alpha 1.
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September 20, 2005
Get Opera For Free Hey, here's a great way to generate a buzz and make customers happy.... give away your product for free! Opera Web Browser is now free, no ads, support available, etc etc. Far as I can see no catches. They have put a page up with their reasons, though it's a little scant on details. As far as I can tell this is a result of meeting the milestones of use, and the goal of a world of opera users. Might have something to do with IE7 "just around the corner" (for various values of "just") as well?

Opera is a pretty slick program, tiny, with a built in RSS reader, mail client, and a bunch of pretty funky features. Oh, and lightning fast too. I don't know if this will move me away from my beloved Firefox though, we'll see :)

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September 16, 2005
Testing GNOME 2.12 in Gentoo A good link was posted to the gentoo forums on how to test GNOME 2.12 on Gentoo, with a list of what to unmask, add to your keywords, etc.
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September 15, 2005
Piracy Is Wrong Now I understand that Piracy is Wrong. Definately a different view, just make sure you don't turn it off in the first couple of minutes thinking it's the same old crap they play when you go and see a movie. Thanks ForgetFoo.
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September 10, 2005
Visual History of Photoshop Here's something for the graphics geeks... the history of the Adobe Photoshop GUI, from .63 to CS2.
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September 09, 2005
Make Money Fast with Don Lapre LMAO at this link that my buddy Larry sent me.... Get Excited With Don Lapre! is a cute little video clip that hit the spot this morning perfectly.
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Foamy on Katrina My buddy Jason threw me a link to Foamy the Squirrel's hurricane report. Very funny, very true, not for young viewers due to some explicit language.
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September 07, 2005
GNOME 2.12 Released GNOME 2.12 Desktop & Developer Platform, released just minutes ago, is available in the wild! New stuff is there with nifty screenshots, and the livecd isn't ready for download yet it seems. So everyone go off and make builds, rpms, etc and get gnoming! whohooo!
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September 06, 2005
Fan Made Superman Trailer Now this is pretty cool... this trailer which was originally supposed to be a sneak peak of an official teaser trailer, turns out to be "just" a fan trailer cobbled together from previously released footage. Stories on ain't it cool news and empire online.
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Searching within GtkFileChooser Fer blogs about a cool hack to allow you to use beagle to search inside GtkFileChooser. Nifty stuff. I'd also like to note that the latest release of Beagle is nice and stable and works very nicely.
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200G for $40? Holy crap, just saw this in a blog (lost it in my aggregator though, sorry I forgot who posted it originally). Anyway, how'd you like a 200G hard drive for $39 (after rebate)? It's a seagate with 8mb buffer.... not a bad little drive. Limited to 1 per household though, or I'd be ordering 5 :)
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Hidden Features in OS/X Tiger Boing Boing pointed out a nice little article on Tiger Secrets over at Macworld. This would be far more interesting to me if I had a Mac of course, however until I get one, I know that some of all ya'll have 'em might enjoy it.
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September 04, 2005
GNOME 2.12 Glimpse It's not out till Sept 7th, however the GNOME 2.12 Desktop & Developer Platform notes are online (with a small caveat about your mother smelling of elderberries of course). Nice to see what's coming out RSN.
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