October 31, 2005
Cutest Baby Animal Picture Thread Fark has a Cutest thread ever, pictures of baby animals. In true fark tradition, they aren't all pics of cute baby animals, however there are more cute ones than the scary ones. Some of my favorites are here, here, here, and here. Many more though.
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October 30, 2005
Classic Doom under Doom 3 I can't believe that I didn't think of Classic Doom first. Re-creating the original Doom experience with the new and sexy Doom 3 engine. A fair amount of my weekend has been sucked away into this, and I'm loving it. Not only does it revive my love of blowing up baddies by shooting explosive barrels, it also allows me to face my fear of imps in a familiar environment, so I can someday go back and play Doom 3, which is really scary, and I am still not allowed to play by my SO because she fears I'll have a heart attack with all the jumping I do playing it. Yes, I'm a total wimp BTW.
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October 28, 2005
Omega Radeon Drivers? Anyone ever use the Omega Radeon Drivers? Looks like someone's hack of the ATI drivers, with tweaks here and there. Can anyone comment if they are good, bad, or ugly?
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RAID Pictured for Non-Geeks Ever wanted to explain what the different raid levels, hot swap, and parity are to a non geek? Next time, show them this. Via digg.
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October 26, 2005
Test Your System for Game Compatibility The page at System Requirements Lab has kinda a cool java thing. You run an applet and it'll tell you if your system specs are up to snuff for a particular game.
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High Quality AV Cables Figured some of my audiophile geek friends might enjoy this.... Revision 3 (video podcast thingy) has an episode on making high quality a/v cables. Very cool (or at least, in theory, I just saw it on a diggnation podcast, so I haven't actually watched/read it yet :)
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October 25, 2005
DVD Shrink Replacement - ShrinkTo5 Paul pointed over to ShrinkTo5, an open source replacement for DVD Shrink, and blogs his experience. Basically it's attempting to be a legal version of DVDShink, which means it doesn't seem to be able to or willing to deal with encrypted DVDs, or at least without some modifications. Interesting read... for now I think I'll stick with DVD Shrink, though this looks like it might have potential. I'll play with it at home and see how it does.
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October 24, 2005
Digg.com VideoPodCasts Pokernut pointed me to Digg.com video podcasts, which are pretty cool. Basically two guys geeking out (based on the last episode which is the only one I've seen so far), which is most amusing. Me and Engel, Darren, and Foz were talking about stuff like this and doing podcasts (before there was such a thing) back in the day....

There's another similar one that I haven't seen yet from Hak.5.

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Test mod_security Just installed mod_security in anticipation of using it on UFies, please let me know if you see anything wierd.
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Apache Upgrade Tonight Just an FYI that I'm going to be upgrading apache tonight on the ufies box. There are some configuration changes between the old and new verison, so it might be a bit bumpy. I'll test out everyone's sites before I declare it properly installed though. Just in case any of the 18 people who read this site notice it down :)

Update - All went well, things all seem to be working, let me know at arcterex awt ufies dawt org if anything is busted. Also, please make sure your php and perl apps/cgis don't blindly execute code, k? :)

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October 23, 2005
New Narnia Trailer Yea, title says about all, check out the new The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe trailer.
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October 21, 2005
Underworld Evolution Trailer Online Cool, the underworld evolutiontrailer is online.
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Doom Review Well, Roger Ebert has his Doom review up and not a huge amount of good things to say. Apparently the one good shot in the movie is the universal logo right at the very beginning :)

Mr Cranky has chimed in as well, offering this nugget at the end of the review:

There are several shocks in this movie. Unfortunately, the appearance of some semblance of acting ability from The Rock is not among them.

I'm still wanting to see it though.... I mean, this is a movie that I've heard about and wanted to see made literally since it was first talked about in the Doom 2 or Quake 1 (or was it even earlier?) days. I'm going in with really low expectations and I know (as I said before) that it'll be bad... and I don't care, it'll be a blast :)

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October 20, 2005
Perforce on a Mac Gregg posts about running perforce on OS X.
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RSS Hacks A pretty cool page with Ten RSS Hacks. Basically some inventive ways to leverage RSS to make your web browsing, blog reading, and news gathering less stressful and time consuming.
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October 14, 2005
Nice Video Card Yes, but will this beast play Battlefield 2 at high res, that's the question....

(For those wondering, look at the price.... youch!)

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Video iPod Review iLounge has a nice First look at the video iPod. Not all favorable (ie: they're not apple whores), just mostly favorable (<g>).
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Doom Movie Spoilers / Review Don't click here to read spoilers/reviews on the upcoming Doom movie.
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Autobahn in a Porsche Video Pretty cool video someone shot of their trip down the autobahn in a porsche.... at 280km/h. Not too bad, unless you're a bug of course :)

Update site seems to be dead, bummer :( No local copy here unfortunately.

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New Picasa Out The latest version of Picasa is out. Picasa Version 2.1 has new RAW support, CD Cover printing, and blogging integration.
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October 13, 2005
In Which I Discover 5ives Five things I'd ask every Supreme Court nominee if I sat on the Senate Judiciary Committee.... oh if only we could.
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October 12, 2005
More Ernie and Geek Porn Finally someone other than me someone else links to the genius of Ernie Cline
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Apple Keynote Live Updates (Again) The Mac Observer has Live Coverage of Keynote where iTunes 6 is supposed to be announced. Coverage starts at 10am PST (or 11? whatever..., keep an eye on the page). Looks like there's a live one here from apple. Nope that's old, and the live coverage on MO is nuked because they don't allow live updating. Bah.

Update - OK, sites with updates: MacRumors, stuffmag.co.uk and MacNews.de. Short story is new iTunes, new ipods, video ipods, new imac with built in isight, and new apps. Looking foward to Apple.com being updated.

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October 11, 2005
New HotMail Preview Paul Thurrott has a preview of the new MSN Mail Beta, the upcoming replacement for hotmail. Unlike the Vista screenshots, I'm pretty sure I'm not all excited about this. The mail interface looks ok (it's definately better than the old hotmail), however not that new, and still gobs of ads all around. I agree with Darren: 'meh'.
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Mastering Email Overload Some interesting tips here for Mastering E-mail Overload.
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New Vista Screenshots Some new shots from Windows Vista Build 5231. Note the link at the top to some additional screenies. Still not sure if I should be excited or not.
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October 09, 2005
Widescreen vs. non-Widescreen If there was ever any doubt as to if you should get the widescreen version of a movie or the fullscreen version, check out The Letterbox and Widescreen Advocacy Page
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October 07, 2005
Gui UI Tester for Linux Nifty new program called dogtail, which is a desktop GUI tester and automation framework using python scripts. Hmm.... more and more python... might be time to learn that langage...
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Despair for Linux Fozbaca pointed to Despair for linux, which takes Despair and gives it a linux flavor. Most amusing.
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October 05, 2005
Thinking Those Stock Tips Might Work Out? The Spam Stock Trader keeps an eye on those penny stock tips I keep on not seeing as they are filtered into my spam box. Well, surprise surprise, looks like they are a scam, and had you invested you'd have lost about $8,000 in their test. Good read, good link also if your less net-savvy friends are thinking that well maybe it might work out...
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GNOME Startup Time Lorenzo Colitti has a really neat page on Analyzing and Improving GNOME Startup Time. Worth a read if you're a gnome hacker (or techie gnome user for that matter).
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October 04, 2005
Top 10 Freeware Interesting link of Top 10 Freeware.
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BF2 Patch Released The new Battlefield 2 v1.03 patch is out there on the new. Grab the torrent here. Browser and playability updates galore. Can't wait to get home and check it out. Oh, they've updated the old demo map from Battlefield 1942 (Wake Island) and put it in there as well.
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