November 30, 2005
Networking Ticket I need to get about 10,000 of these tickets printed and handed out to the zombie boxes out there.

Update Mirrored here.

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Smart Car Crash Via check this video of a smart car crash... you know the smart cars, the tiny little ones that look like they use a tank of gas a month or so, but everyone's first reaction is something like "yea, it's good on gas, but if you have a crash you're screwed". Check the video to see how the smart car's protection system held up when it was smashed against a concrete barrier at 70mph.
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November 29, 2005
Vista Vs. OS/X I honestly used to think that Paul Thurrott was a bit of a Microsoft shill, but actually reading through his latest article on Windows Vista Beta 1 vs. Mac OS X "Tiger" (part 2 looking at security, network and power management features), he actually seems to know what he's talking about. It probably also helps that his views are pretty much in line with mine in this particular case (that is, OS/X is far ahead in many respects). He comes up with some other thoughts that I haven't seen on windows oriented sites, such as the fact that vista seems to be getting more complicated to use instead of less.
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Mapping the Cat Brain Old, and yet still good (and so true), The Mapping of a Cat's Brain.
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November 28, 2005
Linux for College Students Really good article by Ben on Linux for College Students, with notes on what's required, and what linux can offer.
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Pixar's Cars Teaser Another must-see looking movie from Pixar.... the teaser for Cars is up on the Apple trailers site... including a Hi Definition version (or 3). Looks nice, can't wait for it!
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How Not to Be a PC N00b Nice list of dos and don'ts to go from a Path to PC Weenie to The Path to Pwn. How not to be a newbie with your PC including wallpaper choice, stores to go to, screen resolution, and where your tongue should and shouldn't go while browsing the web. Amusing and relatively accurate as well.
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November 25, 2005
Fixing iTunes Download Squad has a nice little blurb on fixing iTunes, with links to some nice little helper apps.
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November 24, 2005
The Onion on the Sony Rootkit As expected, the Onion has commentary on the sony rootkit. Mucho funny.
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Quake 4 Demo For those of you waiting to check it out, there's a Quake 4 Demo now available.
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November 18, 2005
Superman Returns Teaser Check the new Superman Returns Teaser released last night during Smallville. Pretty cool looking, and not the fan made one linked to earlier this year.
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November 15, 2005
Hybrid Cost Breakdown Omninerd has a great breakdown answering (maybe) the question Is a Hybrid Worth It?
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Discovering Music You Like Found out about Discover Music - Pandora through Lifehacker (new must read blog I just discovered). I'm not sure exactly how it works, but basically you tell it a song or artist you like and it finds and then plays a song by that artist. You give a thumbs up or down as to if this is the type of music you like, and if plays music similar to that.

In my case I started with typing in "Blue Rodeo" as the band, it played "Bad Timing" as the example tune, and then from there played "I'm Over You" by Keith Whitley. Not exactly the same genre, but the same "sound". From there it went to "You Woke Up My Neighborhood" by Billy Bragg, who I've never heard of, but again, had the same sound.

I'm not sure if they use a similar system to audioscrobber for their data or what (it says it's part of the Music Genome Project). Seems to work well though.

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November 14, 2005
GNOME Hot Apps Jeff throws up pointers to sexy gnome apps. Nice to see a list of all the new sweet eyecandy apps out there.
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Xen Tutorial Nice little howto on how to set up Xen and Ubuntu. Xen is as you know a Linux virtualization technology, simlar (kinda but not really) to VMWare and (closer) User Mode Linux.

via omninerd]

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November 10, 2005
High Speed Through Paris Video JWZ pointed to this video (links and bittorrents) of a high speed run through the heart of Paris recorded by a low mounted video camera on a high performance car (if it's a Ferarri or a Mercedes is apparently under dispute). Apparently the sometimes-up-to-140 mph joyride is quite cool.... I'm downloading the 150mb file at a whopping 1.8kb/s right now... Several mirrors are provided in the source article.
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November 08, 2005
Freakishly Insane Yo-Yo Champion Holy crap, I used to like the yo-yo, until this Yo-Yo Champion ruined it for me by being inhumanly good. Wow.
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November 07, 2005
Nifty Online Calendar Thingy Gilgamesh has revealed his latest project onto the web, the Family Matters Calendar. It's a custom photo calendar that he was talking about when I was working with him, and it appears it's now alive, aliiiiive! It uses AJAX and other nifty goodness (sweet upload indicator, you must have gotten that from the same Digg article I did :) to allow you to upload your own image and create your own custom calendar. Very nice, congrats JK!
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November 04, 2005
Breakup Email Forgetfoo has a very funny Breakup Email.
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November 01, 2005
What an Audiophile will Buy Great link on Digg on what an audiophile will buy. Wow. Almost $7,000 for a volume control? Those people are nuts.

On an unrelated note, could someone please let me know which USB port doojigger gives me the least varience for my joystick on my dream box? :) Just because my fully configured system tops $10k CND doesn't mean anything does it?

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