December 21, 2005
Redhat and Xen Virtualization Interview The latest Red Hat Magazine has a nice article on The virtues of Xen. This is something that's already on my TODO list.... I have a spare system (or virtual machine) I can throw Fedora Core 4 on (which has Xen built in). This article nicely explains why this is cool...
Red Hat has announced it will push for Xen integration in the Linux kernel, and that virtualization and stateless Linux is the way to go. Hooray! But wait--what's the buzz all about? What's so special about virtualization anyway?

More information on this is available at the Fedora Xen quickstart wiki page.

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Nuclear Power Wiki Everything you ever wanted to know about Nuclear Power Education, a wiki created by a team of Physicists in the land down under. Via msevior.
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December 20, 2005
"Hey Crackhead..." A hilarious look at life in San Francisco, Hey Crackhead was pointed to by a podcast I was listening to today (TWIT).
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Original South Park Short Accordian Guy has a clip of South Park - The Spirit of Christmas. Very funny, very very full of swearing :)
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Linux Game List A nice list of Linux games (in spanish though).
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New Vista Screenshots Some new Microsoft Windows Vista Build 5270 (December 2005 Community Technical Preview CTP) Screenshots & Features via Activewin. It loks pretty sexy I guess, however the real question is "will people care?". I installed a CTP (the last one I think) on a spare computer (which I admit was not that powerful and didn't have a really fast video card) and basically went "meh".
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December 19, 2005
It Rubs the Lotion on it's Skin Ok, a bit more sick and twisted than pure "funny", but check out It puts the lotion in the basket!, a song using clips and dialog from Silence of the Lambs. Via Darren Barefoot.
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December 16, 2005
Lion and Cat Cute post from the baaaaabyanimals group at livejournal. Cat doesn't look overly impressed however. What can I say, I'm a huge sucker for cute animals.
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December 14, 2005
eXpose for Firefox Tig threw me a link to this cool firefox extension, foXpose, which lets you see all your firefox tabs with a single click. No funky animation, and the thing that is missing I think is seeing all tabs in all windows, not just the current window. Still pretty cool, and gets the arcterex stamp of approval (tm).
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Looking at Monster Cable This is an interesting look at Monster Cable, and basically how they are living the American Dream(tm)(c)(r) of selling not a lot for a huge price by telling people it's worth 1000x what it is actually worth. Selling a simple coax cable for > $100 is quite a feat.
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Mr. Woo and His Ball Mr. Woo has some skillz..... I don't think I could keep a ball in the air for that long if I had a truck!

Thanks Dana

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(Bleep) Christmas Interesting view of Christmas. More of a (bleep) Fox news it seems, still an excellent read though.
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December 12, 2005
Impossible Things in Bottles Very cool, a bunch of crazy impossible stuff in bottles.
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Apple Hardware Porn How about a little Apple Hardware Porn for you. More in a search for Aperture (the new professional photo management software from Apple, some thoughts on that here and here.
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Cute Overload Cute Overload pretty much says it all doesn't it? Cuteness abounds, very handy for monday morning doncha think?
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December 10, 2005
Use for Old Hard Drives Interesting use for an old Hard Drive.... a Screws Drawer.
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December 08, 2005
Santa Flash Game Yet another addictive flash game in the form of 3D SPEEDY SANTA.
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December 07, 2005
Dan Osman Speedclimbing My buddy Lawrence threw me a link to an awesome video of Dan Osman Speedclimbing. Looks awesome, a must see for all.
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Funny Sign Some threats are worse than others..... funny sign from John Hanscom.
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December 06, 2005
XMen 3 Teaser Cooool.... X-MEN 3 Announcement Teaser. Looks very cool, except for the 5/26/2006 part :(
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December 02, 2005
10 SysAdmin Truths So true: Top 10 System Administrator Truths.
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