February 27, 2006
Project Origami Video?

So is this YouTube post of Microsoft Project origami for real? Looks like a legit ad that someone managed to capture before it was taken down (link via digg. I've got two trains of thought on this:
  • Big F'n Deal - a smaller tablet with a flashy add to no doubt boost tablet PC sales (which we haven't heard a heck of a lot about lately). Note the accessories you need to make it useful (ie: the wonky looking keyboard setup).
  • Potentially cool.... they look like they have combined something like a PSP and a tablet with all the built in things like wireless networking, bluetooth, GPS, USB, etc etc. No evidence of bluetooth of course, but one can imagine.
      Of course, there are some issues. First of all, they appear to have magically solved the the problems of using laptops / LCD screens outdoors, or is it just bit in the video that should be titled "does not represent real usage". To anyone who has done work in the sun outdoors knows that the first part of the video is total BS. Also the video implies (but doesn't say right out) that WiFi is ubiquitous and you can hook into mapquest from anywhere without looking into a network to get mapping directions. The reality might be a built in GPS (or add on GPS unit) against a static map or something. Who knows.

      I guess we get confirmation early next month.

      Posted by Arcterex at February 27, 2006 01:13 PM